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Atlas Spine & Wellness CareDr. Erica handing forms to a patient at the reception desk

At Atlas Spine and Wellness Care, we have opted to go out of network with chiropractic insurance.

This decision was not an easy one, but it will help the office run more efficiently so that we can focus our attention on the care we provide. In addition, our team at Atlas Spine and Wellness Care has maintained a high standard of care for our patients, and we are unwilling to compromise or cut corners with the care you receive.

However, in the current environment of managed health care, many insurance companies are adding more and more restrictions and dictating what type of treatments are allowed for their subscribers. Often these restrictions are made with no concern for you and what is best for your health. We see this as a big problem.

So, rather than lower our standards, we have chosen to eliminate our network participation with all insurance companies. By doing this, our practice will no longer be restricted with treatment decisions and we can continue to provide you with only the very best of care.


As a courtesy to you, we can provide a superbill detailing each visit and the services rendered so that you can seek reimbursement and maximize your benefits from your insurance. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Any questions about non-participating benefits can be addressed to your insurance company. We cannot guarantee any payment from any insurance company and any issues with reimbursement will need to be taken up with the insurance company directly.


Dr. Erica Periard, DC
Dr. Felix Periard, DC

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