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Chiropractic Care for Sciatica in Mt Pleasant

Heel pain while walkingIf you have ever felt a sharp pain that radiates from your buttocks region down your leg(s) into your foot/feet and toes, chances are pretty good you’ve had sciatica. With several million people affected each year, sciatica is a very common problem, but the good news is chiropractic care can help tremendously in keeping the pain at bay.

What you’re feeling when the pain hits is an irritation of the sciatic nerve. That irritation can be caused by many different factors including, a spinal misalignment, a compression from a disc injury (disc herniation/bulge), a muscle compressing and squeezing the nerve, or inflammation swelling and compressing it.

What to Expect During Sciatica Treatment

Treatment is dependent upon the exam and X-Ray findings.

In a simple case where there is no disc injury causing the sciatica, a spinal misalignment coupled with muscle imbalance are usually the culprit of the pain. NUCCA adjustments and muscle work will be performed to restore balance to the spine and decrease tension and compression on the nerve. If there is no degeneration and direct compression of the nerve, it’s usually due to imbalance in the musculature. Dr. Periard will perform muscle work to alleviate the pain, tension and spasms as quickly as possible. He will help bring back proper balance into your muscles.

In more severe cases where there is a disc injury, an MRI might be needed to further assess the severity of the problem. If the MRI is positive in showing a disc issue and that issue can be treated with decompression therapy, such will be recommended along with NUCCA adjustments and muscle work.

Healing times will differ depending on the cause of your sciatica. If it’s due to a spinal misalignment, muscle compression or inflammation, within a few weeks you should start noticing changes. Your body may take a few weeks up to 3 months to heal. If it stems from a disc injury, once you start decompression therapy you should feel relief in two to six weeks. Complete resolution may take multiple months, depending on how long the injury has been present and how much damage has been done.

Find Relief for Your Sciatica at Atlas Spine & Wellness Care

How long you’ve been misaligned, and the way you’ve compensated in your posture, dictates how long it will take for the body to untwist and unwind. Don’t wait another minute — make an appointment to visit us ASAP so we can get started on solving your pain. The same goes for a disc injury, the longer you wait the harder it will be to get your spine back to normal. Call us at (843) 352-7941 today!

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